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Share Coinmarks - Free Sign-up Bonus 1300 COM Token ( 26$ Value)

Thảo luận trong 'Kiếm Tiền Với Coin' bắt đầu bởi honeybtc, 13/12/18.

  1. honeybtc

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    Sign-up Bonus 1300 COM TOKEN GET ( 26$ Value )


    COINMARK is a future-oriented technology company focused on performance, accuracy and security.Our solutions are based on years of experience in the technology industry. Our products and services are provided by developers and engineers who have experience working with systems created by developers. The monopoly structure of revenue, which is the problem of the current cryptographic exchange, Vulnerabilities, and discomfort of the user experience. Coinmark overcomes the shortcomings of the current exchange platforms such as the monopoly structure of the revenue as well as unsatisfactory user experience.
    It is a cryptocurrency exchange (core 2.0 futures option, lending, FX, stable coins) with a bank-level security system that gives it an edge from the regular cryptographic exchanges. Our brand embodies our commitment to be the best landmark in the industry, launching innovative and promising coins and providing more complete opportunities.

    SUPERNODE(PRE-SALE) 500 people limit

    1ETH = 30,000 COM $0.007 / 1 COM

    AIRDROP(30M TOKEN) 30000 account limit

    1000 COM GET $0.01 / 1 COM (free)

    PRE MINING 1ST 30M mining limit

    12.16.2018 (one day) $0.01 / 1 COM

    PRE MINING 2ND 30M mining limit

    12.17.2018 (one day) $0.015 / 1 COM

    PRE MINING 3RD 30M mining limit

    12.18.2018 (one day) $0.017 / 1 COM

    COM TOKEN LISTING 12.20.2018

    Minimum Trading Price $ 0.02 / 1 COM more


    2017 Q1
    • Concept Generation
    • Team Assemble
    2017 Q2
    • Cryptocurrency Exchange Planning
    • Development of a cryptocurrency exchange
    • White paper conpletion
    2018 Q1
    • Platform design and technical demonstration
    • Building the MVP
    2018 Q2
    Exchange Beta Version
    • CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform Released (Beta version)
    2018 Q3
    • Trade Mining Exchange pre-registration event started.
    • Open global Sales of SUPERNODE
    2018 Q4
    Opened official exchange
    • cryptocurrency Exchange platform Released (1 million transactions per second / CORE 1.0 version)
    • List of COM Tokens Trading Start
    2019 Q1
    Listed CMC TOP 10 Exchange
    • cryptocurrency Exchange platform upgrade (10 million transactions per second / CORE 2.0 version)
    • Launched overseas branch office. CMC TOP 10 RANK / Major Exchange COM Tokens, Cross Listings (Partners)
    What is COM?

    What is coinmark coin and how can COM coin be used on the coinmark cryptocurrency exchange? coinmark Coin or COM coin is an ERC20 based token issued by coinmark with a total supply of 3,000,000,000 coins. COM coin will be used on the cinmark cryptocurrency exchange to pay for trading fees, enabling a discount on your trades! As the total supply of COM decreases, the value per COM increases. In the future, COM will be used as gas on the coinmark platform and has use cases have been discussed in various fields, the more applications and use cases COM coin has, the higher the value will go for COM coin!

    1. Just you have COM, you will receive 80 ~ 90% of the company's profits every day. (ETH,BTC,XRP, ETC)
    2. You will receive a 100% COM coin refund for the transaction fee paid.
    3. COM Value grows as the market grows.

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