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Share Walcrypt - Faucet / PTC / minning - shortlinks - offerwall - MicroWallet

Thảo luận trong 'Kiếm Tiền Với Coin' bắt đầu bởi honeybtc, 8/1/20.

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    Faucet / PTC / minning - shortlinks - offerwall (wannads - offertoro) owners…and Crypto Earners…welcome! WalCrypt is made specialy for you !
    Receive all your earnings instantly, anonymously and securely in one place ! Ask for withdraw to your personal wallet with low fees !
    Be aware of the lastest websites to earn cryptos or promote your own new business reaching immediately all crypto lovers !

    Websites owner make deposit on WalCrypt for only 1.5% fees. Use our API to pay all users withdrawal requests for free ! Promote your website in easy way.
    We make relation between webmasters and earners, in only one place. We provide a powerful and easy-to-use API to send cryptos all over the world.
    Receive all your earnings from faucets / ptc / offerwalls in your WalCrypt wallet for free. Check the best websites earnings possibility to earn more !

    Premium Membership Advantages

    More earnings possibilities in earn section !
    Very low withdraw fees for all cryptos !
    Chat customization : emoticons, colors, upload image and avatar (soon)
    Exchange cryptos for a lower rate ! (soon)
    Discount on advertising (soon)
    More benefits to come...

    Faucet Owners
    As a premium member, ALL your faucets are list in the TOP FAUCETS page !
    For more visibility, BET on your faucet to reach the TOP 3 and display your 728x90 banner !
    Receive automatic mail when your wallet balance is low !
    Double daily API Coins (10000) for your faucets and increase limitations requests !
    Purchase more API Coins manually or automatically !
    More benefits to come...

    Free Coin Earn:

    Every 60 Minutes

    Freemium Premium
    0.00000008 BTC 0.00000011 BTC
    Roll Bonus
    1 - 74999 X 1
    75000 - 89999 X 2
    90000 - 96999 X 3
    97000 - 98999 X 4
    99000 - 99999 X 5
    100000 X 10


    shortlinks: 8 shortlinks
    Freemium Premium
    0.00000012 BTC / link 0.00000016 BTC / link

    offerwall: wannads offortoro
    Freemium Premium
    100% of offer value 115% of offer value

    Withdraw: bitcoin - ethereum - monero - litecoin - dogecoin - dash - riple - bitcoin cash

    Min / Max Lim.: btc 0.00015 - ether 0.007 - monero 0.02 -ltc 0.02 - doge 450 - dash 0.02 - xrp 4,5 - bch 0.05

    Withdraw Time: Sunday - Direct Wallet

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